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Window Furnishing Ideas

Window Furnishing Ideas

You have just built and decorated your dream home and all that is left to do is decorate the windows with beautiful furnishings. More often than not, deciding on what type of window treatments to choose from will turn into a design challenge or a major investment as there are numerous different ways to decorate your windows. However, neglecting your windows is not an option as they will be left bare and will be an eye saw visually both from the inside and outside. In this article you will find a number of different styles and types of curtains that will give you some ideas on what type of decoration to use on your windows.

Curtains are great decorative elements in any space that make a significant difference in the look of the room, giving colour and style to your space. Choosing the correct window curtains should not be a problem if you adhere to the two golden rules – curtain length. There are only two curtain lengths, to the floor or the windowsill, so all you need to decide is what will look better in the room. When it comes to the look of the curtains, you are spoiled for choice and therefore when choosing the curtains need to think about the curtain colour, fabric and style.

If you are looking to embellish you space, that is if the purpose of the curtain is purely for decorative purposes, than you can choose curtains that don’t have to be opaque, however if you want to protect the room from sun or neighbours gazes, then use a thin mesh screen or curtain that will not let the sun in, but do keep in mind that these become transparent when the light is turned on. On the other hand, if you want complete privacy, using opaque fabric drapery, adjustable blinds shutters or curtains are recommended. Blinds and shutters are geometric shapes and can draw attention to irregular windows; however curtains are a better decorative option as you can combine different types of material and textures. With such a large number of curtain options available, you need to make sure to choose the right style of curtain for your windows making sure to avoid difficult material and big patterns.

With wood slowly making a comeback, they are becoming one of the most popular window treatments in the form of natural woven shades which can be made from bamboo, matchstick, birch and maple and can include grassy woven accents. They are popular as they work in different environments and let in gentle light so you can see what is happening outside, such as if guests are coming, but at the same time they let you have your privacy.

Roll-Up Blinds

Roll-up blinds are becoming increasingly popular in interior design for a number of reasons. They easily fit into modern interiors, can choose ones that either let or don’t let in light and are available in numerous materials and colours. Roll-up blinds can be made from materials such as plant fibres that will give them a natural look and feel and will fit nicely into warm environments especially those with lots of wooden features. They also come in a variety of bright and cool colours that are perfect for a modern interior especially if combined with a lot of metal and glass. They are the most popular choice in blinds when you want to be able to dim the light in the room from the inside; however the amount of light dimmed depends in the colour and texture of the curtain. Bright colours, like yellow, cream and apricot, transmit more light than dark colours, such as red, dark blue, green to name just a few. Dark coloured curtains are a great choice for the bedroom, while the lighter ones are better for the living or dining room.

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Panel Curtains

Panel curtains are relatively new or at the very least not used as often when it comes to window treatments which is surprising when you consider their aesthetic appeal and convenience. They can be used in all rooms of the house such as living rooms, bedroom and bathrooms as well as in business premises. What distinguish panel curtains from other curtains are their practicality and their mechanism, which in part dictates their design and make for an elegant window feature.

Panel curtains work in a way that they use a slider that are attached to each panel to enable the panel to more left or right, in other words opening or closing the window view. Sliders move in various channels, varying from one to five channels, which cannot only affect the total number of panels needed but also the aesthetics of the window. They are function by pulling the rope that hangs from the side of the panels. In order to keep the panels perfectly straight and bend free, at their base weights that cannot be seen but have a major role in the function of the curtains, are installed. These weighs also have a key role in to aesthetic of the panels. Depending on the position of the panels, they can act as sun protection when placed in front of windows or can even serve as partitions between the interior, for example dividing the living rooms and kitchens.

Panel curtains add an incredible touch to the interior look of the room. With smooth lines, equal spacing between each, floor to ceiling will give an elegant look that will fit into any space. Whether you are going for a classic look to go with period furniture or for a completely wacky and youngish look with bright colours or crazy shapes, panel curtains are the go as they elongate the room and by increasing the wall height. This look is better achieved when a number of panels are used because as the number of panels is increased its aesthetic affect can be more interesting. Choosing panels in different colours and fabrics will enable you to change the visual appearance of the curtains by opening and closing different panels in turn refreshing your room at no extra cost. As panel curtains come in a variety of textiles and colours they are as practical as any other window furnishing as you are able to choose ones that partially let in light or completely prevent light from coming in.

Whether you choose roll-up, panel, wood or traditional curtains, make sure the ones you choose fit well with the overall design and feel of the room.

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