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What to think about when moving to Ireland

If you’re a freelance professional in Northern Ireland, you have the luxury of being able to work wherever you want. When working as a freelance writer, you probably want to live somewhere which will inspire your creativity. Although you could live in London, this metropolitan area might be too bustling to fully concentrate. The Republic of Ireland is a great place to work, especially as the pace of life in this country is completely different than the UK or in Northern Ireland. Although the latter is a relaxing place, you might want to live in a southern country which is much warmer than what it is like where you live right now.

After finding a property south of the border, there is a lot that has to be organised, such as finding a company that specialises in removals in Northern Ireland. Although there are a considerable number of removal companies to choose from, you should select one which has professionally trained staff on hand. As they know how to lift boxes and heavy items of furniture properly, there is a minimal chance of any damage happening. This is because they will lift boxes so that the walls in the property which you live in at the moment won’t be dented. Although a removal company cannot guarantee that there will be no damage, they will make sure that unnecessary harm won’t happen. Therefore, an Estate Agent or the new owners won’t charge to repair it.

When contacting a removal company, here’s what you should be aware of being doing so:

Moving day
Popular removal companies are often booked days or weeks in advance. Although you could contact them two days or twenty four hours before you are due to move, it is likely that they will be fully booked. As soon as you know the date of when you’re moving, you should get in touch with a removal company and ask whether they are available.

The amount of money which is charged by each company that specialises in removals in Ireland differs from one to another. Some might charge hundreds of pounds whereas others can ask for no more than £100. Before contacting a removal company, you should know what your budget is. Therefore, when you are provided with a quote, you will know whether it surpasses your means or not.

When a suitable company has been found that can provide removals to Ireland, here’s what to consider before getting the keys to your new property:

You’re bound to require many boxes. Books, clothes, computers and linen can be put into a cardboard box. It is recommended that you get as many boxes as possible. This is because you’ll probably use more than you thought you would, especially if the boxes which you get are very small.

Ask friends
Even if you designate an entire day for packing, this probably won’t be long enough and you could run out of time before a removal company arrives to take boxes and furniture to your new home. By asking for help from friends and family, it won’t take as long to pack. In fact, all of your personal possessions could be packed in a single day.

The Republic of Ireland is a great place for a freelance professional, such as a writer, to work. Before doing so, there is a lot which has to be done so that the entire process will be as hassle free as possible and won’t exacerbate stress levels.

  • Michael Golshon

    The republic of Ireland is such a wonderful place and one of the selective countries to stay & live in Europe. Thanks for provide such helpful read context with Ireland.