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What Living Room Furniture Will Go Well With White Walls?

What Living Room Furniture Will Go Well With White Walls?

The trend of white walls has become prominent over the last few years.  You might believe that white is a conventional colour; but, the point is that it still goes well with the trend.  It is an epitome of panache and elegance and that is how it mingles with all styles and furniture types.

What you have to be careful about, though, is that you should not lose the modern touch while using white.  There are chances that your house might don a bleak appearance and that is never something that you desire from your living room.  The role of the furnishing, hence, becomes prominent.  It has to take the limelight and blend perfectly with the colour.


So, what kind of Living Room Furniture will suit white walls the best?  There are some people who match white walls with white furniture.  Although you might think that this might look a little redundant; but, intelligent use of the same can lead to some great designs coming out.  What you have to ensure is that not everything is plain white.  You can use undertones of bright colours in the furniture and also make use of other accessories which can add to the brightness.  Take an example of cushions and lamps which could be of brighter colours to enhance the feel of the room.  Alongside, there can be lightings and other elements of your living room that can provide the desired vibrancy to the room.

On the other hand, one could also use furniture of contrasting colours to augment the appeal of the living room.  Following are a couple of tried, tested and loved colour options for furniture to go with white walls:

BLACK & WHITE: You think of a combination to white and you cannot think beyond black.  These, however, are the best contrasting colours that you would find.  Not only do they complement each other well, they look gorgeous together as well.  White adds an element of elegance and black gives the aggressive and vibrant feel to the room.  In most cases, you would find black leather sofas and couches being utilized along with white walls.  Moreover, you could have glass tables with black rims, white carpets and black lamps.  Can you imagine the feel that such living room would get?

WHITE WITH RED & BLACK: If you think white and black is too simple, you can add a spice of red to your living room furniture.  Now, this is another great combination that could be explored by you.  Therefore, the walls could be white with the leather sofas and chairs being black.  Alongside, the cushions and some of the other accessories could have a tinge of red.  The looks that you receive with this combination would be surreal.  You would fall in love with it.  Moreover, it would make the room look brighter and chic.

Hence, white is not the boring colour that you thought it was.  With the right combination of living room furniture, you can turn your white walls into a great background to your furniture and other settings.