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What are Electromagnetic Chuck and its Signification?

What are Electromagnetic Chuck and its Signification?

Electromagnetic chucks are a type of magnetic work holding device that produces a variable magnetic pull. When turned on, the electromagnetic chuck can hold a variety of work pieces with varying holding strength depending on the amount of direct current. So they have a distinct advantage over traditional chucks due to their ability to support a wide range of machining applications. electromagnets suppliers

Magnetic chucks are designed to hold metal work pieces with a strong, uniform force. It consists of a centered permanent magnetic face that works in conjunction with an operator-controlled permanent magnet or electromagnet. The work piece completes the magnetic loop, creating a secure anchor so the work piece can be operated safely while magnetized, but releasing instantly once demagnetized. The convenience and the time saved when changing work pieces with the mere flip of a switch is significant compared to the amount of time normally used to change work pieces in a traditional chuck, especially in a project requiring multiple work pieces to complete the job.

Permanent magnets and electromagnets can produce a magnetic holding force. Choosing a permanent or electromagnetic design depends on the machining application and the external work conditions. Permanent magnets do not need electrical power, so they are optimal for work conditions without power or when the available power is unreliable. Unfortunately, the magnetic holding strength of permanent magnets can’t be adjusted, which means you can’t use permanent magnets in machining applications that need work pieces which require variable holding strength. That is where electromagnetic chucks come into play, because the variable holding power of electromagnets can be adjusted.

Electromagnetic chucks are designed with electrified coils looped around a steel sphere in the center of the chuck. To charge the electromagnetic field, the chuck controller generates a variable DC voltage that is sent to the coils around the steel core. The electromagnetic field aligns particles within the metal work pieces. This alignment generates the electromagnetic holding force that keeps the work piece secure to the chuck. The chuck remains magnetic as long as voltage is being sent to the coils. The operator adjusts the DC voltage with the chuck controller to control the strength of the magnetic field, which generates the variable holding power.

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Variable holding power increases the capability of the chuck to be used in a wide range of machining applications, including cutting, milling, shaping, EDM, high speed cutting operations and thin work for grinding. Machine centers with automated machining capabilities will also benefit from interfacing electromagnetic chucks with their current operations.

Thin work applications benefit greatly from variable holding power. For instance, if the part to be machined is one-quarter inch or thinner, and is stacked prior to being accessible to the machine operator, the operator must obtain the pieces one at a time to be machined. Permanent magnets are not designed or able to grab only one ferro-metallic part at a time. But an electromagnet with variable holding power allows the operator to decrease the magnetic strength so that only one part is lifted from a stack of parts, allowing the operator to machine an entire stack of thin parts without stopping the machine or letting go of the controls to grab the next part.

The variable holding power of electromagnetic chucks is a distinct advantage over permanent magnetic chucks. But choosing whether to use electromagnetic chucks or permanent magnetic chucks depends both on the machining application and shop safety. Since electromagnets need constant power to work, a power failure can be damaging, dangerous, or even deadly. Uninterruptible power, power conditioners and battery backup systems can be installed to address these concerns; but the final decision depends upon the needs of the machining application. Image Credit

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