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Turn you ragged basement into a beautiful one: Redesigning ideas

Turn you ragged basement into a beautiful one: Redesigning ideas

The basement in my house is one of the most neglected areas. Its been 5 years I bought this house but never even bothered to decorate it or remodel it. Last weekend, I visited my friend’s house who always take a might pride of being a very efficient homemaker. Honestly speaking, her house was absolutely spic and span and well-maintained. I was really amazed to see her innovativeness and creativity in decorating the house. All the rooms were nicely decorated and well planned – starting from the bathroom to the basement. After seeing her house, even I decided to take a plunge into redesigning the house, especially the areas that I have neglected so far like basement. I came across some of the most splendid ideas of redesigning the basement in many home décor magazines and website. The tips were really unique and exclusive and hence, I would like to share them with my readers.

So, take a look at some of the incredible basement decorating ideas –

Remove the clutter: Basements are usually a dumping ground in everybody’s house, including me. So, my first step of redesigning the basement was cleaning the clutter. I gathered all the belongings of the basement together and divided into two categories – important and unimportant. Then arranged for a trash bag and threw all the umimportant items to it. You can also resell the items or give to a charity.

Determine the purpose: The next important step of redesigning the basement should be determining the use of the area. Your unused basement would be the best place to add a home office, guest bedroom or home theatre. Sometimes, the best way is keeping a very flexible space, so that people can change it in a way they want. However, I decided to use the basement for home-office purpose and thus, I incorporated stylish office desk, chairs, couches for visitors, computers, cabinets to store files and mnay others. On the other hand, if you want to use the place as a guestroom, then design it accordingly, by including bed, mirror, and cupborad. Basements are also ideal for casual social activities and gatherings.

Flooring: When it comes to remodeling and/or redesigning the basement, special attention should be given to the flooring. While I wanted to use the basement for home-office purpose, I wanted to incorporate a combination of luxury and comforts. Hence, I chose carpet flooring. However, if you want to make the basement look sophisticated and elegant, then you can choose hardwood flooring. If you reside in Michigan and consider installing hardwood flooring, then look for designs and patterns of hardwood flooring in Michigan. Laminate tile flooring with varied design and styles would also be a great flooring option for the basement.

Add a kitchen: A small kitchen in the basement can make the entertainment easier and more warming. The inclusing of a mini kitchen, bed, and bath can make the basement an ideal guest suite. Include an access to hot and cold water, electrical outlets for underground refrigerator, microwave oven and small counter appliances into the mini kitchen to make it more user-friendly.

Design attractive staircases: You already have stairs to the basement, but when you are remodeling the area, determine whether the existing strairs are complementing the overall home design. If they are not placed in a convenient position, consider moving them to a better spot. Or else, change the design, material, and shape, ensuring the overall décor of the house.

These are some of the important ways to redesign a basement and give a new look to it. These tips proved to be immensely helpful to me and therefore, I believe that they will help you as well.