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Renting a Flat in London

Top Tips for Renting a Flat in London

Finding a flat in London is often regarded as a notoriously difficult task. It may take some time and may not be as easy as finding a flat to rent in other cities due to it’s sheer size, however you can find a flat for rent in London with not too much difficulty if you know where to look. The problem is that everyone wants to live near the hub of the excitement in London so you have to be flexible in many instances.

Being flexible is the key to find a great flat in London and you may have to think outside the box to really get a great deal on a flat that you are going to be comfortable in.


Here is the key; you have to be willing to live a little further from the action if you want to find a flat that is affordable. Not only will you find a flat that is affordable but you will find a flat much more easily if you check out the outskirts of the city.

Why compete if you do not have to? You may be a little bit on the outskirts of things but you will be able to find something so much faster.


Are you willing to share a flat? If you are you just opened up a world of possibilities to yourself and should without a doubt take a look at options for flatshares. Sharing a flat may be the key to finding the perfect flat. You can find a flat that is bigger and in a better location if you are wiling to share your flat. People always are looking for flat mates.

Sharing is also helpful with your expenses. You can cut your expense by  half if you have a flatmate. There is no better way to find a bigger better flat in London than by being flexible enough to share.


You can contact an agent in London to assist you with your search. You can probably find a flat easiest if you enlist the help of a professional. An agent can point you in the right direction, arrange viewings and even negotiate your contract.

Agents are excellent but they are also the most expensive up front costs. Overall the cost may be lower if you use an agent but initially the price will be high. You may have to way your options to see which option will work best for you before you embark on your journey to find your perfect flat in London.

Consider your options than consider your budget before you make a choice! Be realistic and you should be able to find a flat that suits your needs with not too much difficulty.