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Recreation Rooms That You Can Set Up In Loft

Five Recreation Rooms That You Can Set Up In Loft

Recreation room (AKA games room) is a dedicated room that you can use for playing games, watching movies, reading books, or any other type of pursuit. However, not everybody has the luxury of having a separate room that they can utilize as a recreation room. You can watch movies, or play games in your lounge or living room as well, but having a separate room will allow you to enjoy to the max with no holds barred approach, which is sometimes not possible if you are sitting in a common room. Mostly, people use the rooms in the basement for such purposes; however, you can turn the idea upside down, and make the most of your lofts for the same purpose, of course you will need to have a loft conversion job carried out for that.

Let’s see how loft conversion can give you the extra space and a perfect place to set up different types of recreation rooms.

Games Room

If you are an avid gamer, you would know what difference a dedicated room can make to your gaming experience, especially when you are looking to play with your friends. If you don’t have a room available for this purpose, you can simply get a dormer style loft conversion and make it your gaming den by getting a flat screen, your favorite gaming console and a couple of couches. The advantage of using your loft is that it will be a fairly isolated room, and the ruckus created by you and your friends will not disturb your family members.

Home Theater

You can also turn your loft into a home theater by using special seating, amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers, Flat Panel HDTV, Blu-ray players, or even a popcorn maker. There’s no need to get all of these things all at once, you can get your loft converted, and start from having a simple media player and a sound system with flat screen. Later, you can invest on your home theater from time to time, in order to create a near-cinematic experience, where you can sit with your friends or family members and spend some quality time watching your favorite movies.


Obesity and the health hazards associated with being overweight are becoming a major problem all over the world, thanks mainly to the lack of physical activity in our daily lives. So, while you will be tempted to spend your leisure time watching movies or playing games, taking out half an hour for exercise can be really beneficial. Converting your loft into a gym with basic exercise equipment can be one of the best investments you can make for the sake of your well-being.

Table Games

Probably you are not much into video games or movies. While at the same time; you cannot force yourself to work out because it’s boring. Well, you can have the best of both worlds by getting one of those table games like table tennis in your loft. Loft conversion will provide you with a spacious room and then you can proceed to buy your favorite table game like table tennis, pool table, foosball, or air hockey. If you are coming from old school, you’d know that a simple foosball game with your friends can provide a lot more fun than many of those video games combined.


Last but not the least, your loft can be a perfect place to set up a library if you are a book lover and prefer reading a good book over any other kind of activity in your free time. A good loft conversion will give you plenty of natural light, and air. All you will need is a comfortable chair and a book shelf with your favorite books and you will be able to spend your evenings or weekends in the comfort of your own library, reading your favorite books.

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