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Preparing Your New Property Ready For Moving In

Preparing Your New Property Ready For Moving In

When you arrive in a new home there are those little changes that you will inevitably want to make to your new abode as well as a list of jobs that need doing. The exact jobs that you need to complete will depend on the property you purchase and its condition, as well as your preferences, but could range from a full renovation to the freshening up of paintwork and a thorough clean of the house. Whether you have purchased or are renting your new property, you will hopefully be spending a considerable period of time there so it is important that you make yourself as comfortable and at home as possible.

Big Jobs

Get any structural jobs out of the way first because these will make the biggest mess. This can include everything from knocking through walls to creating a whole new layout for the property. Following this, you can finish any smaller DIY jobs, like putting up shelves and creating new storage, before redecorating and painting. Once the more structural work is complete you should also clean the house from top to bottom.

Cleaning The House

Hopefully, when the last owners or tenants moved out, they will have cleaned the property to some extent. However, the removal process and a property lying empty will lead to some dust. What’s more, it is always best to clean somewhere yourself once you have moved in. Standard household cleaning products should prove adequate for this task but if there are particularly nasty stains, marks, and other problem areas you may need to invest in some heavier duty cleaning products.

The Move

Ideally you will have had the keys to the property before the big move takes place. This way, you can decorate and clean without the furniture and your items getting in the way. If this is the case then once you have finished the painting and other decorating jobs around the place you can move your items in, confident that the house is clean. Make sure everything has its place and try to get as much placed in the right spot as soon as it comes off the back of the van.

Another Opportunity To Clean

You will probably need to clean again once your furniture and personal belongings are in. There will be dust, debris, and dirt not only from your items but also from traipsing in and out of the house. Cleaning the house right through will give it that extra sparkle that you will particularly enjoy once you get in the house too. Moving can be stressful but you should relish the change and enjoy the fact that you have a beautiful looking and attractive new place to live.

Moving House

Whether you are renting or buying, you should try and get the keys prior to moving your furniture in. This will give you chance to make any changes, finish any decorating, and to clean the house. The latter can be especially important if the previous residents smoked, had pets, or didn’t clean the house once they vacated it but is always a good idea so that it is fresh and clean for your new start.

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