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Is It Time To Move Office?

Is It Time To Move Office?

Office space can come at a premium especially if you want to locate or relocate to a major city. London attracts some of the highest prices in Europe because of its prime and prestigious postcode and other UK cities can be quite close in terms of their costs too. This means that moving to a larger office isn’t always an option and, even when it is it is a decision that won’t be taken lightly. Of course, if you need more space or you need to move to a new location then make sure you choose the best office premises and a high quality man and van removal service.

Need More Room?

Before you start looking for new premises, consider why you are thinking of making the move. If it is entirely a question of finding more room then you may be able to make additional room in your existing premises. Recycle anything you no longer need, look at improved furniture, and consider intelligent methods to make greater use of the space that you have.

Minimising Equipment Requirements

Look at the equipment that you have around the office. If there are numerous empty desks then look at ways in which you can improve the seating layout of the office so that there’s less wastage and greater benefit for you.  Old machinery and even electronics and electrical equipment may be larger than necessary so consider looking at upgrades.  Paper files and paper documents can be stored in a remote archive storage facility; not only does this save you room but it is a safer and more secure alternative.

Hunt For A New Office

If none of these tips save you enough room then it is time to find new offices. If your business is expanding then do make sure that you will still have the demand and the requirement for new employees and additional space in a few months’ time otherwise you will find that your new premises will soon be too large and you will want to move again. Short term leases are available but it can be disruptive to move once, never mind once a year.

Discount Office Furniture

If you are expanding then you will need more than a new office. Look for discount office furniture which is good looking, practical, and offers users comfort. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find this level of quality and to ensure that the furniture you choose meets with your requirements. Have an idea of what you require before you start shopping around because this will help you get the best deal on the most appropriate items and prevent you from buying the wrong stuff.

Preparing To Move Office

Choosing a new office is a big move and you should prepare yourself, your business, and even your customers in advance of the move. Let everybody know months before the date you’re set to move so that customers can make alternative arrangements, employees can help with the move or book annual leave, and so that you can book all of the services, buy your new furniture, and arrange to pick up the keys for your new office.