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How to Save Money While Constructing a Temporary Wall

How to Save Money While Constructing a Temporary Wall

How to Save Money While Constructing a Temporary Wall

You might be looking to install a temporary wall for one of many different reasons. Maybe you are looking for a separate study room, or some secluded space to work from home, an additional bedroom, or maybe a recreation or games room for your kids. You might be looking for a temporary wall to divide your office space to get an executive room, or a meeting room. Whatever the reason, building an entirely new room can be quite expensive and cumbersome. Not to mention that not everybody has the extra space or land to construct a new room.

Regardless of the purpose, when someone is looking for a temporary wall, they are looking for a relatively inexpensive solution. What good is a temporary wall that costs you more than a brick and mortar wall? And it’s not just about the cost; you should also make sure that a temporary wall (when it’s built) serves all purposes, so that you don’t end up squandering your money on a wall that’s good for nothing. Follow these tips to save some bucks, and to make sure that you will be getting what you were looking for.

  • Start from writing down your requirements. Do you need a solid one or a simple sheet to divide the room? Would you like it to be sound proof? How long would you be using this premises? Would you be looking to remove the wall anytime soon? Having the answers to all these questions beforehand will help you choose between a hundred different options which are available in the market.
  • The selection of the material will be the biggest contributing factor to the cost. When looking for a temporary wall, you can choose from many different materials including, but not limited to timber wood, plasterboard, aluminum, PVC, prefabricated wall panels, to name only few, each having their own strong and weak points as far as pricing, durability, and vulnerabilities are concerned.
  • Always get quotes from more than one companies, you will be amazed at the stark differences in prices, as well as the professionalism and customer support. Don’t forget to state your requirements as clearly as possible, for example if you are looking to have this wall removed after some time, make sure the quotes include that price.
  • A straight wall will cost less, while an L shaped wall will cost a bit more. Try to avoid irregular angles because it will make the installation a little tricky and increase the cost.
  • While building a temporary wall, make sure you have the lighting and ventilation points in mind. Having just a door might not do the job. Ideally you should be having a window, some source of natural lighting, and good ventilation system, especially if you are using it in a basement, garage, or a converted loft.
  • What kind of frame would you be looking for? Are you ready to allow some damages to the ceiling or floor for installation purpose? If you are looking for a short-term solution, you might want to use a pressurized temporary wall that doesn’t do much damage, and it is easy to remove.
  • Lastly, you should consider the option of temporary walls available for rent, but remember that wouldn’t necessarily be a cheaper option by default, especially if you are looking for long term use. So make sure you add up all the costs and make a well informed decision.

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