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How To Pack The Lamps

How To Pack The Lamps

Packing your things is an important part of the whole process of removal. If done properly, it will protect and keep your things undamaged when transporting it to the new home or office and no losses will be done. In order to successfully prevent any damages on your belongings it is highly essential not only to use quality materials to pack your belongings but also to know exactly how to pack them in case you decide to do this by yourself instead of using the services of a man and van company. The following tips will help you with this task that might seem hard but when you know what to do it can become really easy.

First of all, make a decision whether you will hire a trustable man and van company to do the job for you or you are going to do it by yourself. If you have made the second choice, make sure that you start at least two weeks before the removal so that you have enough time to pack everything. Time if very often underestimated when it comes to packing things. In the beginning it seems that the work can be done in no time but when the real work starts you will see that there are a lot small things that can be easily missed if you do not have the necessary time.



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First of all, make sure you have enough packing paper, scotch tape and labels to mark the packages and boxes. The following rule applies to all of your belongings. Carefully pack them and put a label so that you can know what exactly is packed inside as you will find it extremely difficult to deal with all the boxes and packages when you arrive at the new place without the help of all these labels.

However, there is one thing in your home or office that you might forget about but the truth is that its packing is probably one of the most difficult ones due to the fact that it is very often underestimated. We are talking about the lamps in our homes. At first glance their packing seem a simple and easy procedure but the truth is that it is actually a delicate one as you need to be extremely careful what materials you will use when packing it. In order to successfully wrap the lamps and to avoid any possible damages you should first carefully remove the bulb. If the lamp body is made of two or more separate parts, disassemble them and pack them separately from one another by twisting wrapping paper all over each part. Put some old newspapers in the lampshade in order to prevent it from breaking during the removal. Put labels on all the cables so that you can know which cable to which lamp should go. Then place all the things inside of a box. Make sure there is Styrofoam in the box bottom and around the lamp pieces as it will assure you the lamp will arrive in the new place undamaged. Finally, write down on the box ‘Fragile’.