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How to Measure Driveway Paving Cost

How to Measure Driveway Paving Cost

The cost of paving a driveway can vary a great deal from one location to the next. While there are many websites that like to give a standard cost per square foot, there are many other factors in addition to size that are required in order to calculate the true cost. If you are attempting to find out what it may cost you there are a whole host of things for you to keep in mind. interlock & Driveway Contractors

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To begin with, yes, size is an important factor.  Any contractor is going to need to know the square footage of the space being paved. But is the paved driveway going to be the same size as the current driveway? If you are planning on enlarging your current space, the removal of trees, hedges or bushes as well as any other existing landscaping being rerouted needs to be considered. These types of items will increase the estimate a great deal because they can now make your estimate include additional heavy equipment as well as substantial additional labor costs. Disposal costs for any material removed will also have to be considered.

Along with size, the shape of your yard is important in the estimate too. A straight, flat driveway will be quicker and easier (hence cheaper) to pave then a curving driveway on a steep slope. Proper drainage for your driveway is always important, so your yard’s design and location will often play an important role in the estimate as well. If your driveway is at the base of a steep slope it may require a lot of planning and new landscaping to install the drains needed to keep it from being underwater the following spring.

What condition is your current driveway in today? A good base layer is important to the quality and longevity of your driveway. If your base is solid and level, the cost of the base layer will be much less than if a lot of materials need to be brought in. Or if the base is too unstable it may have to be excavated in order to have the appropriate fill brought in. This will cause your estimate to now include not just the labor and equipment, but as with the trees and bushes discussed earlier – it may cause an additional charge for disposal. If repaving over an existing asphalt driveway then a contractor will have to assess its condition. Any potholes or deep/wide cracking will have to be repaired before a surface layer can be applied.

What materials are you going to use? Do you want to pave with asphalt or concrete? Different materials will require different preparation and the costs on the products vary greatly from region to region. It’s important to have an expert help with this because you want to choose the material that will withstand the climate you’re living in.

Finally, it is important to remember to hire reliable contractors and to never let work begin until you have a signed contract. Get references from people you trust and check out any contractors with the Better Business Bureau before calling them. Read all contracts thoroughly and abide by your own responsibilities as well. Holding up a contractor from finishing his job in a timely manner will only cost you more. Make sure you understand everything in the contract so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job. Ask questions. If the job isn’t going to begin for several months, will you be expected to pay more if material costs rise? “Escalator clauses” are often written into contracts to cover just such a circumstance. Find out if your contract has one before you sign it.

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