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How Companies Determine The Price Of Your Removal

How Companies Determine The Price Of Your Removal

If you are planning a removal you may be considering hiring a professional removal of some sort. With a wide variety of services offered, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and requirements. However, something which corresponds and links closely to this is the financial side of removal companies. Each and every person wants to know how much their removal is going to cost. Whilst removal companies do not hesitate in the least to let inform you of their charges, there are some things that removal companies do not reveal, or reveal in their fine print.

This article aims to discuss all the factors that are going to affect your removal costs, so that you are not left standing with a bill that is significantly more than you had expected.
The first thing that affects your removal quote is the amount that needs to be removed. Removing a sofa is going to cost less than removing 3 pianos, 2 televisions and a pool table. This is because fewer items take less time, effort and thus money to remove. It is recommended that you always be as accurate as you can about the quantity of the items you wish to have removed.

Secondly, the distance between point A and B during a removal will also affect the price of your job. A further distance is going to take more time, fuel etc. and will therefore cost you more than a short distance removal.

The time of the year, believe it or not will also affect the price of your removal. There are peak removal months, during which removal companies raise their prices. If you too choose to move during a peak removal month, you will end up facing higher charges.

This also applies to a weekly scenario. Moving on a week day will cost you less than moving on a weekend. This is because once again, the weekend is a common removal time and many people choose to do so because it’s not a school day, they may have the day off work etc.

This can be further narrowed down to the time of the day. There are certain times which are more common for removals, once again making them more expensive than other times. Early mornings for example, work out a lot cheaper than mid afternoon removals. So it is worth considering the time of the day alongside the day of the week and month of year.
Approximate quotes can be obtained online on the removal company’s website. You simply fill out a short form and you will get an instant quote. However, bear in mind that this will not be the same as your actual final quote. This is because the form you fill out is vague and is offered to merely offer an estimate.

If you would like a fully accurate quote before committing, calling the removal company and asking for one is highly recommended. You simply answer all of their questions (which will be more in depth than the online calculator) and they will be happy to give you a more accurate quote.

Always ensure that you try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to providing details to removal companies. More than anything, this is to avoid any extra charges on the day for the extra items you did not mention.

Now that you know all the factors that affect a removal quote, you should be able to arrange a removal in a way in which you will not be faced with any unwanted charges.