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Easy Ideas for Decorating the Empty Walls After Moving Into Your New Home

Easy Ideas for Decorating the Empty Walls After Moving Into Your New Home

Despite all of the joy and excitement it brings, moving from one home to a new place is the really stressful event. There are so many things to do: packing, unpacking, moving your belongings and settling into the new home. They will take all the energy out of you.

You can follow the easy ideas below to transform your new house in a cosy home.

The nicely painted walls look well, but when they are empty and not decorated, the space seems unfinished. Of course you can put a picture or something usual, but you can have interesting items that will make the room look fresh. And the best part of this is that you can do it yourself, without spending much money or time. In fact many of the things that are needed to recreate the interesting ideas given here, you can find at your home.

You have probably wondered what to do with some old candle holders or for some reason you have many of them left after some event. Why do not you stick them on the wall then? No, this is no joke, but a brilliant idea for empty walls. You can also hang them on nails if you want, because the candle holders usually have a small hole on their bottom which allows them to be hanged. The shape of arrangement is up to you. It depends on your preferences and the number of candle holders you have prepared.

Your task will be easier if you have kids that are drawing. They would love to make you special picture, which you can frame and put in every room you like. Children’s paintings look good on every wall and room.

The easiest way to deal with large empty wall is as you put a big mirror on it. Do not just use it, but pant its frame in some bright and vivid color like blue or red for example. This will add much style to the room and air, because it will make it look larger, which is often used change that the mirrors bring.

You can have the same effect with several smaller mirrors in a group. When you want to have sophisticated style of a country cottage, you would better pick mirrors with no frames on them.

It is possible to fill a space with several variations of one motif. This is very modern design and you have probably seen it before. For example you can make a lattice print in different colors framed and put on the wall. It is good to use one and the same frame for all of the prints. They do not need to be different, because they have to create the impression of unity.

When you want to hang on your wall something ready, you can search the antique shops for vintage landscape blueprints. Frame them and put them on the empty wall you want to decorate. They will look mystic and match very well to every wall and color with their soft palette and faded paper. These blueprints are great for creating country look.