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Bedroom Decoration Ideas – Beds

Sofa Beds

A sofa bed can prove a highly beneficial and extremely useful especially if you are limited for space or if you want a single room to serve two purposes. For example, if you have just moved into a home with limited space in the bedrooms you can turn a guest room or second bedroom into a spare suite. Bed sofas are not only comfortable to sit on but they convert into a comfortable and convenient place to sleep too. They can be used in a child’s bedroom, or in a loft conversion, or even in the dining room.

Using The Bed

Consider how many times you will actually use the sofa bed. If it will be used and converted every day then you will need to buy a top quality one that utilises the very best in materials and the latest in manufacturing processes. Although they are designed to be used in this way, continued use of some sofa beds can lead to damage to the hinges and other working components.

Placement And Prominence

Also determine which room it will be used in and how prominent a feature it will make. A sofa bed that is located in a main room that you use frequently will typically need to look more attractive than one that will not be seen on a regular basis. If the bed will only be seen once or twice a year, when being used by guests to your home, then the look may not be as important as it would be if it were to take pride of place in the living room.


Do think about the type of open and close mechanism that is used on the bed. Again, this will be more important if you intend to use it as a bed on a more regular basis. If you have to open and close the bed every day then the mechanism should not only be strong but it should be easy to use for anybody that needs to regularly use it. Buying online is quite often a beneficial choice because it enables you to enjoy more affordable rates, but you should ensure that you will be able to use it efficiently.


As well as design, you should consider the size of the sofa bed too. Measure the space where it will go and allow room for opening and closing the bed. Look at width and depth measurements when it is a sofa as well as length and height measurements when it is a bed. Different rooms, different people, and different homes have different requirements so there isn’t necessarily a single standard size for a sofa bed.

Décor And Style

Look at the décor of your room and the colours that you are considering decorating. If you have just moved into rented accommodation then a neutral coloured sofa bed can travel with you and will almost always look good in any room no matter what the décor and what the style of the room.

Sofa Beds

Bed  sofas are a useful and highly versatile item of home furnishings. They can be added to virtually any room and they can be used on a daily or rare occasion as and when required. They come in many colours, benefit from a variety of styles and materials, and offer a selection of different open and close mechanisms for your benefit.